The Heerlen Rooftop Project, 1st Prize



Project name: The Heerlen Rooftop Project

Location: Heerlen [the Netherlands]

Program: An exciting rooftop landscape with a diversity of architectural appearances and distinctive programs, making a meaningful contribution to the urban experience and the cities identity.

Building area: The inner city roof landscape

Client: SCHUNCK Heerlen

Status: Elaboration during Rooftop Festival 2022

Competition 2019-2020; Winning proposal



Design team: Tom van Odijk, David Baars & Panagiotis Seltsiotis

Collaboration: Floor van de Bergh [Buro Bergh], Léon van Geest [Rotterdamse Dakendagen] & Eirini Trachana [Landscape Architect]







Adding value & quality by reducing building volume





Breaking down outdated ideas in favor of contemporary life


Under the guidance of professionals you can help to dismantle parts of the building. But there is also plenty of program, a tip of the veil of the possibilities for the future upper city layer of Heerlen and of course beautiful views.
The festival ís city making: participating, exchanging ideas, making connections ánd taking action! And of course plenty of fun and parties. Celebrating the city of tomorrow!

The Heerlen Rooftop Festival represents the changing idea of thinking about real estate in the city center. It thereby facilitates a process in which it is important that owners, users, policy makers and residents are involved together in the process.